[TowerTalk] Need help identifying HyGain antenna (Trap Traveler rotatable tri band dipole)

Jim Pruitt wa7duy at charter.net
Sun Jan 26 15:51:27 EST 2014

I need help in identifying the model number/nomenclature for an antenna that 
I bought in 1967.  The antenna was made by HyGain in the late 50's or early 
60's.  I thought I remembered it being called the HyGain trap traveler 
rotatable dipole.  It was for 20/15/10 and looked like the driven element of 
a TH3JR on a 3 foot mast that had a clamp for fitting over a window sill and 
hanging out a window.  It was intended as a portable antenna and perhaps to 
be used from hotel rooms and similar places I think.

Google has not helped me with this one.  Does anyone remember this antenna 
and might be able to tell me what it was called or the model number?

I need to know what kind of plastic was used for the insulators and the 
plastic that was used to cover the traps so that I may repair them.

Thank you.

Jim Pruitt

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