[TowerTalk] Anyone use a 120' qso king?

Roger (K8RI) on TT K8RI-on-TowerTalk at tm.net
Mon Jan 27 10:58:34 EST 2014

On 1/27/2014 8:30 AM, Patrick Greenlee wrote:
> I have to admit, soldering with one hand takes a bit of ingenuity.
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)
> I probably have lead poisoning from using my "other" hand to hold and 
> feed solder to a heated joint.
If you wear glasses it depends on how close they'll focus.
A rubber band to hold needle nosed pliers closed, Velcro strap yo hold 
it to my leg, just above the knee. Sometimes have to use duct tape, a 1" 
wide strap will hold the roll of solder so you don't have to cut 
pieces.  The leg has surprisingly smooth control in all three axises.  
When I had both hands working, I flew a Friends plane that had no break 
out force or force gradient in pitch.  I'd put my hand on my right knee 
and hold the stick with two fingers. I sneezed and it took about two 
miles to stop the PIO.  <:-))

I haven't found a substitute for my left hand when it comes to playing 
the Guoitar.


Roger (K8RI)

> (Other hand is located an inch or so below your nose.)
> Patrick NJ5G
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