[TowerTalk] Basic Antenna Modeling tutorial - W4RNL

Dan Maguire djm2150 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 27 15:31:31 EST 2014

Bill wrote:
>>> I ordered the new book from ARRL "Antenna Modeling for Beginners" ...

Be sure to check out this url:


That's the ARRL support page for the book in question.  In particular see sections "Clarification & Support" and "Errata and Corrections", otherwise you might get a little lost trying to work through the examples.  There are some typos in the book and also slightly misleading instructions concerning where to enter things in the various EZNEC windows.

Other resources:

Steve, G3TXQ, wrote a nice set of EZNEC tutorials here:


Greg, W8WWV, also did a nice tutorial, somewhat more advanced:


Dan, AC6LA

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