[TowerTalk] Converting NEC and AO files for use with EZNEC

Dan Maguire djm2150 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 27 23:28:26 EST 2014

In some private emails resulting from the "Basic Antenna Modeling tutorial" thread, Bill mentioned that he was thinking about spending $20 to purchase the EZNEC equivalents of a package of NEC models that he has.  This is just a reminder that, if you have Microsoft Excel, you can use the free AutoEZ demo program to do the same thing.  With AutoEZ you can open .nec or .ant models and then save in .ez format for use with EZNEC.

For details see http://ac6la.com/autoez.html then “Miscellaneous Advanced Topics” then “Read NEC, AO, and MMANA-GAL Files”.  After you have opened a NEC or AO model you can then use the “Save Model As” button and save in .ez format.  Then you can open that saved file with EZNEC.  The free demo version of AutoEZ has a segment limitation for actual processing of the model but to just convert from one format to another there are no restrictions.

Of course I hope that you might eventually consider a purchase of AutoEZ.  However, if all you want to do is file type conversions the free demo will work just fine.

Dan, AC6LA

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