[TowerTalk] Saltwater Ground Connection (Many thanks to all for the info!)

Joe Giacobello, K2XX k2xx at swva.net
Tue Jan 28 14:29:24 EST 2014

I certainly appreciated the large number of informative responses that I 
got to my query.  It looks like the way to go is with four buried or 
elevated  radials and the saltwater takes care of the rest.  What I 
finally wind up doing depends on the constraints imposed by the 
surrounding homes and pedestrian traffic.

We're renting a house that we've only seen in brochures and Google 
Earth.  There is a long, private, elevated wooden walkway leading from 
the house down and onto the beach.  It's likely that somewhere on that 
walkway will be the most convenient and safest place to set up the 
antenna with at least a couple of elevated radials.  My guess is that 
the saltwater reaches under the walkway at least at high tide.  We'll 
have to work out the details when we get there.

Again, many thanks for all your inputs.


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