[TowerTalk] Anyone use a 120' qso king?

Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
Mon Jan 27 17:09:50 EST 2014

I play "at" the guitar and banjo but I am a drummer.  I have seen a guy play 
the guitar better with his feet than I do with both hands and one of the 
best "Hawaiian" electric steel guitar players I have witnessed was a 
neighbor with no hands. I am a pilot but have very little stick time in 
choppers.  I found them to be so sensitive I had to, similar to you, rest my 
right hand on my knee and fly with small motions of my wrist to avoid 
embarrassing over controlling.  Now, have me put on the hood and fly a T-33 
and I'll challenge anyone.   While writing this it occurred to me (decades 
late) that a spring type wooden clothes pin in the mouth to hold the solder 
would be much smarter. Well, better late than never.

Thanks for the leg substitution idea.  I have previously sewn up elastic 
with Velcro closure to go around my leg before I got a real surplus 
aeronautical Morse key with leg strap.  It will be easy to make a strap with 
a "universal" threaded connector (like for a camera tripod) to let me do the 
Swiss Army thing and change "implements" from pairs of alligator clips like 
on the commercial "helping hands" appliance to whatever.

Thanks for the idea, Roger.

Thanks to everyone else for their patience.

Patrick NJ5G

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On 1/27/2014 8:30 AM, Patrick Greenlee wrote:
> I have to admit, soldering with one hand takes a bit of ingenuity.
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)
> I probably have lead poisoning from using my "other" hand to hold and feed 
> solder to a heated joint.
If you wear glasses it depends on how close they'll focus.
A rubber band to hold needle nosed pliers closed, Velcro strap yo hold
it to my leg, just above the knee. Sometimes have to use duct tape, a 1"
wide strap will hold the roll of solder so you don't have to cut
pieces.  The leg has surprisingly smooth control in all three axises.
When I had both hands working, I flew a Friends plane that had no break
out force or force gradient in pitch.  I'd put my hand on my right knee
and hold the stick with two fingers. I sneezed and it took about two
miles to stop the PIO.  <:-))

I haven't found a substitute for my left hand when it comes to playing
the Guoitar.


Roger (K8RI)

> (Other hand is located an inch or so below your nose.)
> Patrick NJ5G
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