[TowerTalk] Cutting 2" Heavy Wall Cr-Mo Mast Up on Tower

Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
Sat Jul 26 17:02:47 EDT 2014

Be careful with long/multiple extension cords.  Brush type motors such 
as in angle grinders, recip saws, skill saws and similar are subject to 
overheating damage if the supply line(s) are too lossy.

I have cordless recips, grinders, and skill saws as well as corded. 
Cordless are often useful but... Heavy wall CrMo is a chalenge for them. 
Be prepared to go through a few batteries or recharge cycles. O-A 
cutting torch with a small set of bottles (like refrigeration guys use) 
would be my choice if really heavy duty extension cord or a portable 
generator were not available.  It would be possible to hoist a plasma 
cutter up to the job but the O-A outfit is so much handier.

If you can get "NICE" extension cords or a portable generator to keep 
extension cord length down then a 7 inch angle grinder would be my first 
choice.  A Milwaukee 7 inch angle grinder is a handful but mine does 
more work per minute than 3-4 of the 4 1/2 inch angle grinders. With the 
7 inch you will get longer service between changing out cutting wheels 
and get the job done much faster.  A hand held electric band saw type 
hacksaw is an option but you need to select proper blades.

Good luck to you.  Be safe!

Patrick  NJ5G

On 7/26/2014 12:47 PM, Victor Walz wrote:
> I have a 22 ft (2" OD) heavy duty Cr-Mo mast presently installed up on a 100
> ft Rohn 45 tower.  It weighs 200+ pounds. I previously had a 4 el 20 meter
> yagi stacked 12 ft.  above a 40 meter F12  yagi.  I just finished removing
> both antennas for repairs and have decided not to reinstall the stack due to
> the complexity of the installation.    I will be re-installing the 40 meter
> yagi and some VHF antennas on this tower.  Consequently, I would like to
> shorten the 22 ft mast by 10 ft.
> I am looking for advice on the most efficient way to cut this very thick
> high strength mast in place.  I would prefer to use battery-operated tools
> such as a reciprocating saw(metal blade?) or a grinding tool (cutting
> wheel?).  I can run 120 VAC (about 200 ft extension cord) up the tower if
> needed.
> What would be the optimum method for cutting this mast without excessive
> tower time?  Thanks in advance for any responses.
> Vic,  N2PP
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