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Thanks guys!   I have Frank's book, great reference.   

Talked to the Building Dept - as long as it's done according to "Utility" standards (10% of length +2' in the ground, NO concrete), all they want is $69 and an inspection to be sure that if it falls it will ALL land on my property.   That's pretty trivial and worth the price just to avoid any hassles "down the road".

I'll probably go ahead and chronicle my "adventures" here.


###   Ok, so what does the little guy do..whos postage size city lot is only  50 feet  wide ??   Put up a pole that is only 25 feet tall ?? 
But I suppose its  ok  to have a 100 foot tall fir tree on the edge of your property line ?  

##  With any boom   20-30 foot long, to stay within your property lines means the pole will have to be slightly shorter than one half the width of your property line.

##  On both the trylon free standing towers and also towers like my UST  HDX-689.... if the wind blows hard enough, the tower will fold in the middle, or just above the middle. 
They are engineered that way, so the tower simply folds in half..... vs  folding at the base,  and falling full length. 

Jim  VE7RF

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