[TowerTalk] Installing/burying LDF5-50A

Conrad Farlow conrad at g0ruz.com
Tue Mar 4 12:34:55 EST 2014

My radio club will shortly have 4 towers and I would like to run lengths 
of LDF5-50A to the base of the tower from the shack. The lengths are not 
particularly long but I would like to bury them to keep them neat. I 
have very little idea of how to do this properly, in particular how to 
put a correct bend into the cable where it leaves the ground pipe and 
enters the shack. Does anyone have any photos' guidance on how they have 
done this?

I am assuming that the cable should be put inside some large diameter 
plastic pipe that has a good number of pull ropes installed prior to 
burying them.




Conrad G0RUZ IO93FR

North Wakefield Radio Club


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