[TowerTalk] Side Mount on Crankup Tower?

Fred Kleber kleberf at bellsouth.net
Sat Mar 15 14:07:03 EDT 2014

Hi List,

Have a question.  I will be installing fixed monoband yagis on a crankup tower.  I do not need to rotate them, but would like to have the vertical mounting mast several inches off the tower to facilitate pointing the antennas where I need to.  The tower I am mounting the antennas to is a US Tower HDX-538 38' crankup.  Crank-ups have significant challenges as you can't have mounts that obstruct the telescoping ability of the tower.  

Is there anyone that has a design for these types of side-mount antennas?  (Small monobanders, 4-5 elements, on 20-10m)  

Many Thanks,
Fred, K9VV

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