[TowerTalk] FW: Cushcraft A-3 WS with 30 meter kit-PROBLEM (update)

Matt maflukey at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 19:07:50 EDT 2014

I would check the 17m traps that come with the add-on kit before anything


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Since the post, I took off the 30 meter add-on kit.  SWR is  exactly what it
should be when the antenna is set up for just 12/17.  Any  suggestions?  
Test equipment here is an MFJ259 and  multimeter.

I recently purchased an almost new A-3WS and a brand new 30  meter  adapter
kit form a ham in FL.

I've have two A-3WS 12/17  duobanders already in a stack and am  planning
making this a three  high stack for 12/17.


Assembled as per instructions,  double checked measurements,  orientation of
the traps etc.  I  hauled the antenna up a tower to test  it....around
ft.   At this height, it might resonate a little low on  30 but be pretty  
much on the money for 12 and 17.

I get a very nice valley of SWR  for three bands, but not where they should
30 mtrs is  resonant at 9.8 mHz
17 mtrs is resonant at 19.67 mHz
12 mtrs is resonant  at 23.2 mHz

SWR at resonance for all three bands is around 1.2 and if  one did  not look
at the freq on the MFJ, one would assume all is  good...nice normal  dips.  
What is really weird, is that two of  bands are too low and one is  way too

I realize the SWR  to be skewed slightly low at this height, but  these
readings are  strange.

I have lots of experience putting together A-3 and a-3WS  antennas,  but
have not used the 30 mtr kit.  

No overall  length of the driven element  with the 30 meter kit  added is  
given.  Anyone have that?  Other than that I am really   puzzled by this.  

Bill   K4XS


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