[TowerTalk] Back of desk grounding buss

Keith Dutson kdutson at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 21 10:13:16 EDT 2014

Get the Harger ground bar.

73, Keith NM5G

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Hey Gang,
Sort of antenna, sort of RFI, more safety..

I've decided my back of desk grounding situation needs to be improved 

Now, we all know the standard is a nice, thick copper buss.  Question is,
how thick? - this will then be run down to the panel/ground rod

Is Brass/Aluminum/Copper PIPE a valid alternative?  If aluminium, again, how
large (I normally have round up to about 3" diameter sitting in the shop, as
well an AL plate (various sizes, 3/16 thick up to 6" wide is everyday, and I
have angle up to 5" wide legs, 1/4" thick around, and blocks up to 2" thick
and 4" wide hanging around

I intend to silver braze most of my connections, but obviously that won't
work to an Al  plate,  That I'd drill, tap, and either use studs with nuts,
or screws

Again, we aren't talking the wall pass through here, but the buss at the
back of the desk   

73 de KG2V - Charles Gallo
Quality Custom Machine-shop work for the radio amateur (sm)


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