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Dan Schaaf dan-schaaf at att.net
Sat May 3 10:20:28 EDT 2014

Seems to me that since an antenna is considered  inductive or capacitive, 
when it is physically away from a resonant frequency length, then adding 
inductance or capacitance at the base, middle or top assists in resonating 
the antenna such that XL=XC. I have not found anywhere that says antenna 
resonance must be void of any assistance. For example, a 60 ft vertical with 
base inductance or with top capacitive hat loading is resonant, therefore it 
is tuned at a certain frequency. So, it then is tuned. The tuner in this 
case may be base tuning using a remote tuner, or tuned using the appropriate 
reactance midway or topside.

You could call it matching, or impedance matching, or impedance 
transformation or tuning. Seems any of these descriptions can be used. Just 
depends on how many words that you want to utter.

Otherwise, what am I missing here?

Best Regards
Dan Schaaf

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Someone posted the following on the subject of antenna tuners: "They aren't
adjusting the resonance of the antenna, so what are they tuning?"

When I adjust the capacitance and inductance of my "antenna tuner" my
antenna does not change length or height, and the length of the feedline
does not change. Could it be because it is not really an "antenna tuner" but
is actually an impedance matching network?

Marsh, KA5M


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