[TowerTalk] SS galling revisited

Jim Thomson jim.thom at telus.net
Sat May 10 21:33:02 EDT 2014

Date: Sat, 10 May 2014 09:09:30 -0500
From: Patrick Greenlee <patrick_g at windstream.net>
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Subject: [TowerTalk] SS galling revisited

Had a chat with my mechanical engineering consultant (MS Mech Eng UCLA  
and 35+ years of hands on experience.)  I mentioned how SS galling was a 
topic of interest to hams especially regarding towers. He gave me this 
tidbit of advice.  Do  N O T  use moly-disulfide based lubricants 
anywhere near salt or brackish water. This would be an issue for for 
coastal or near coastal hams.  What happens is that the chemistry of the 
lubricant in the presence of salt will LOCK the threads.  For this 
reason the Navy does not use Never-seez on subs (my friends specialty 
was a deep diving research sub, The Dolphin - 555), only the copper 
based anti-seize products.

Patrick NJ5G

##  My local store sells the copper version....and I have also used loctite  “never seize”.... that looks silvery.

For just a few bucks more.... you can also get  marine grade never seize.   The reg never seize ..made by loctite corp
is good for something like 1900 deg C..and the marine grade  version  is rated for something like 2900 deg C. 
Then I find out the marine grade never seize is used in jet engine parts ! 

I have never seen the marine grade version..so don’t know if its copper based or not.   I use the regular never seize
on SS bolts..etc..and also stuff like  lug nuts on my cars....... which makes swapping tires real easy.  I also use it on regular
tower bolts etc.

Jim  VE7RF   

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