[TowerTalk] FW: Rotor control cable connectors

Matt maflukey at gmail.com
Sun May 18 23:53:27 EDT 2014

Hi Patrick,

Just another take on the chronic problem with the older terminal block
design that you mention...   My solution was to replace the terminal strip
with a blank-off plate through which I passed a short whip that extends the
rotor wiring out to a weatherproof external J-box which houses the terminal
strip.  I use small compression nuts that are similar to seal-tight
connectors at the blank-off plate and the J-box.   J box is mounted to one
of the tower legs which also makes accessing the terminal strip a lot


I was looking for connectors to add to older HY-Gain rotors using 8 wires.
My new production unit came with connectors  but the older units use an 8
position terminal strip that is not so wonderfully weather proofed.  So you
get your unit refurbed or it is still working fine  but still has the old
terminal strip... not satisfactory...

So I'm searching Mouser, Digi Key etc and then...  and then... the little
over my head light came on, dimly but noticeably illuminated.  
Flat 4 pin trailer connectors for hooking up the lights on a trailer to be
towed.  Need 8 pins.  Connector has 4 pins. One side is 3 males and a female
and the mating connector is 3 female pins and a male. Take one of each male
and female and using the supplied pigtails put on ring terminals and install
the pair of flat connectors to the terminal strip.  Flood the terminal strip
with Silicon rubber (RTV) or your favorite weather proofer and put on the
cover.  Another pair of connectors terminates your cable run at the rotator

This gives you polarized connector action. You can't plug the cable run from
the controller into the wrong connectors at the rotator. The trailer type
flat 4 pin connectors are made to be exposed to the elements in their normal
application.  I like belt and suspender type weather proofing so...  Wrap
the connectors with tape or coax seal or whatever you prefer to boost the
weather resistance if you are worried that these inexpensive connectors
could do a good job. Electrical tape and a little RTV does a marvelous job
and is easy enough to remove if the need arises.

I kinow, I know, no material certs, no mil-spec, NIH, too inexpensive to be
good etc etc...


Patrick NJ5G

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