[TowerTalk] Yagi gain vs rotary dipole.

Peter Voelpel dj7ww at t-online.de
Tue Nov 25 18:15:52 EST 2014

There are Tribanders on the market with more then three elements per band,
For example the Optibeam 21-3 with 5/5/11 elements on 20/15/10.

Concerning height, 1-1.5 lambda antenna height is generally very good for
dx, but I would not like to miss my 10m yagi at 41m above ground, that is my
best antenna to work the west coast stations, most reports are 10-12db
better then with the 10m high antenna.


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The tribanders will of course outperform the dipole in forward gain
and the difference is worthwhile though most of us are more concerned with
the improvements on the receiver side of the equation.

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