[TowerTalk] JK Navassa-5

Ken Garg w3jk at arrl.net
Thu Nov 27 12:34:49 EST 2014

Happy Thanksgiving all !!
A good friend alerted me to a posting by K9OM. His post starts as follows ..”Correct me if I’m wrong …”. Well, Dick you are WRONG.
The JK Navassa-5 comes pre-drilled, pre-cuts tips from the factory. The user just needs to assemble the antenna. These antennas are made of the best quality hardware and rated heavy-duty. There are many other quality manufacturers in the Yagi antenna space and the Hams are left to some good choices. If you like the JK construction with machined saddles, and quality hardware, including the “mast plate" all available for $1185 compared to others, then you will buy this antenna. The JK construction and mechanical robustness speaks for itself and folks that have it will speak to it. The swr curves for this antenna assembled out of the box at 36ft is presented here .. http://jkantennas.com/navassa-5-data.html

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