[TowerTalk] Long pole / simple, tall construction for small antenna

Kim Elmore cw_de_n5op at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 26 13:10:53 EDT 2014

I can't speak for the list, but I think it's a safe bet that very few, 
if anyone, here has constructed their own tower from scratch as you 
propose. Most of us use engineered towers. If you want any kind of 
permanence and to also avoid liability for a structural failure that 
could injure someone or damage property, you should probably go that 
route. Often used towers in good condition can be had at a very good 
price, so to save money you could start there. If you have no knowledge 
of tower installations or methods, you need to hire someone to do the 
engineering and work.

Kim N5OP

On 10/26/2014 10:53 AM, Vegard Svanberg wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I work in broadband and from time to time we have customers we want to
> hook up, but we're unable to gain a free line of sight from the customer
> to the nearest tower.
> There must be a free LOS, which means no trees, branches, mountains,
> buildings etc.
> The most problematic cases are when people live in areas surrounded by
> trees.
> Since cost is an issue here, we can't build towers for each and every
> one. But I'm considering a low cost solution to get the antenna higher
> in the air - often as much as 20 meters (about 65-70 feet) is required
> to gain proper LOS.
> So... I'm considering making a simple, cheap and tall construction.
> I've been pondering either just putting together cheap and thin
> aluminium tubes with guyings to stiffen the construction, or have
> someone make something for me in composite materials. For instance poles
> I can insert into one another to get the length (height) I need, also
> here with guyings.
> Apart from the pole itself, an issue is also proper anchoring in the
> ground (rocky ground is easy, obviously, while sandy and muddy soil
> could be tricky).
> The weight of the antennas are only about 400 grams and the surface area
> is small (HxW = ~300 x ~80 mm) so we're talking pretty light and simple
> stuff here.
> Before I go ahead and start constructing this myself, I was just
> wondering if someone here has done something similar before, or know
> someone who sell ready-made kits I can buy.
> Thanks!


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