[TowerTalk] Lightning prevention

Earl Wesner earlw1 at verizon.net
Sat Sep 6 12:34:30 EDT 2014

I have a home-built interface box outside the shack with each entry 
protected by an ICE ground block and copper paste AND also an 
I.C.E./Morgan L/C/GD tube combination on each coax mounted on a copper 
ground sheet. Had a bolt strike a tree 35 feet away, killed the tree but 
didn't affect any piece of equipment.. Lightning must have known I had 
insurance. Each antenna has 3- 8' copper rods at the base where it 
enters conduit underground. When tower goes up it will have each leg 
with it's own rod and a ring tie-in. Os course the rotor will have the 
surge protector as well, but the advice of another at the top is a great 
if expensive idea. My shack also has a 3-rod ground right outside the 
wall-3' long. Knock on wood!!

I.C.E/Morgan says they've never had a failure claim yet-must work really 
good! They cost enough!             Earl N4XK

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