[TowerTalk] Last Call TCI Log Antenna Coupler

Frank Davis fdavis at nfld.net
Tue Sep 9 11:22:37 EDT 2014

There have been many replies to the post re the above unit.

The asking price is $25US and I am dealing with the 2nd reply now is terms of getting a firm quote from Canada Post re shipping costs.  I have had this in my possession for many years and could never bring myself to throw it away!!

I have sent individual emails to the responders up to no. 7 .    I'll post status on the disposition of the unit when and if it is purchased.

There have been questions about the impedance transformation and I cannot answer that one. It does look like an UNUN and is designed  feed a "portable" 2-30mhz TCI log periodic using a single wire feed .  A google search on the model number will bring up references to TCI antennas that list this unit in the info but nothing about details of this "coupler" unit itself.  

73 Frank VO1HP


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