[TowerTalk] Questions on M2 antennas...

StellarCAT rxdesign at ssvecnet.com
Fri Apr 3 19:52:57 EDT 2015

I’m thinking of a 2 stack of the M2 15M6DX. Both antennas would be mounted across the face of Rohn 55 (rotating tower)... unfortunately their manual doesn’t say what the distance is to the mast/balance point and it looks rather close to D2. I asked the factory what the distance was and even though its been in production for years – they basically said they didn’t know and didn’t have a CAD drawing for it! Seems very odd to me ... so instead I’m here asking if anyone has one of these up and if they know what the approximate distance is from the balance point to the closest element? 

I’m also considering a 40M4LLDD (although the comments by some about linear loading tend to worry me – the reviews from those that are using it are all positive – albeit without a direct A/B comparison we all know how relative it all is) ... and was wondering if anyone has one of these close to either a 20 and/or a 15. I’m planning on ~12’ from the 20 to the 40 and ~31’ from the 40 to the top 15... looking to see if there’s any interaction at all. I can move the 40 to a different tower with a bit more work IF indeed there is some interaction noted. 

Thanks to those that own one for their comments.

Gary K9RX

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