[TowerTalk] rotor advice needed

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Mon Apr 20 12:10:33 EDT 2015

On 4/19/2015 10:34 PM, Mark Ketchell wrote:

> This weekend, I picked up an original Orion 2300 (AC), with controller.
> The unit was just rebuilt, cleaned, greased and limit switched checked.

Who rebuilt this and where did they get the parts?
I also have one of these units and asked M2 about rebuilding it
and they didn't rule it out but indicated that parts were
an issue.  It also seemed like it was somewhat different
mechanically than a 2800, so the idea of swapping out the
motor or pot seemed questionable.  In any event, they told
me I would have to send in the rotor and have the look at
it, just to see what would be involved in rebuilding it, etc.
Of course, it could be that they are more interested in selling
new rotors than rebuilding old ones, as with most vendors.

Rick N6RK

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