[TowerTalk] Force 12 c3 xl

Richard Vincent rickv11 at frontier.com
Sun Dec 6 09:35:33 EST 2015

Thanks everyone for the replies. I tried contacting Force 12 but was told they don't have any records that old. I have also sent Tom an email but never got a reply, I may have gotten the wrong email and will try again. 

I put this beam up for my Elmer when he bought it. It was on top of a 82 foot crank up with a 2 element 40 meter and an 80 rotatable dipole. These antennas were up about a year and a half when he moved to a new QTH. At the new QTH he decided on 2 towers and instead of using this antenna he went with stacked mono handers. This triband has been bundled up in a shed since. 

My biggest concern putting this back up is the hairpin. They are soft aluminium tubing that have been straightened out for storage. I am assuming the longest is for 20, next for 15, etc.  What about the shape of the hairpin, shorter with wide spacing, or longer with narrow spacing?

I plan on putting this on top of 80-90 feet of Rohn 45 with a 6 and 2 meter beams on top. I weighed the bundles and it totaled right at 80 pounds. I would also like to know the wind load specs. I have a Yaesu 1000 rotator but also wondering if it will be hefty enough.


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