[TowerTalk] Can´t add egg insulator...

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Rohn's 80% guy radius is just a guideline. Closer spacing is possible with
proper engineering.  My P40A station had close almost 50% spacing on two

John KK9A

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QSL John,

Yes, i know Rohn suggest one set of guy cables up to 50 ft but in my case, i
have few neigbour very close of my QTH and my anchors points are 60 % of
total height...i know 70 % is the correct distance.

I prefer over design to avoid any future problem.

I can use my 1/4" EHS galvanized cable with clamps for lower guys and solid
steel with egg insulators for higher guys.

73....Douglas, CO8DM

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Do you really need two sets of guy cables on a 30 foot tower?  Lower guys
may not need to be broken up.

John KK9A

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Can´t add egg insulator...
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Hi guys,

I read about resonant guy wires.

Unfortunately i can´t add egg insulator to build non resonant guy wires. I
don´t have enought clamps or guy grip (preform) to install egg insulators.

Maybe someone know any other solution.

I have been modeling my tower on MMANA and i don´t see any interaction with
my HD spiderbeam for 10, 15 and 20m.

My guy wires lengths are: 20 ft (the 1st level ) and 30 ft (the 2nd level).

any tips are welcome.

73....Douglas, CO8DM


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