[TowerTalk] Can?t add egg insulator - options in Cuba forguy line

Douglas Ruz (CO8DM) co8dm at frcuba.co.cu
Thu Dec 17 21:50:21 EST 2015


Thanks for your suggestions.

I contacted one of the professional climbers today. That guy has a lot of 
experience, i think more than 20 years working with AM and TV towers.

He taught me a very interesting tip to tie the guy cable. It is different 
than "cable serving" mention before that required an special tool.

I will try describe the method here:

He split the end (or begin) of the cable in 2 pieces few feet long...1 piece 
with 3 strand and the other with 4 strand...then he cross both pieces and 
then twist it back, so, he twist back the 3 strand piece over the 4 strand 
piece and vice versa and he made a loop or gauze...then he add the 
clamps...if the clamps fail for some reason the cable will not fail because 
it is tie by it self.

They have been using this method plus the clamps for many years with 

I will try to do a video to explain better this method.

He suggest me, like many in the list, use only one set of guy wires for a 
30ft tower. Installing the guy wires about 3 ft above the second 
section...it is about 23 ft high. My anchor points are  16 ft from the base, 
it is about 70% of 23 ft and i have 1/4" EHS guy wire. Now, guy lenght are 
near 28 ft, so, they are not resonant on any of the bands (10, 15 and 20m)

I know my base is not very strong because it is not on the ground with a 
foundation...it is over a 4" concrete flag roof bolted with 4 threated rods 
3/8" about 2 inch inside the concrete...i think i can improve my base adding 
guy wires from each leg of the tower base to each anchor point.

Merry Xmas !!!

73....Douglas, CO8DM

"No creo que haya alguna emoción más intensa para un inventor que ver alguna 
de sus creaciones funcionando. Esa emoción hace que uno se olvide de comer, 
de dormir, de todo." - Nikola Tesla
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>I used tow straps that I bought at Harbor Freight. These were VERY 
>reasonably priced and did the job for lifting my 72 foot crank up tower, 
>all the yagi's and more recently, my XM-240 2 element 40 meter yagi, which 
>is not heavy, but I would have a cow if the straps failed.
> Try harborfreight.com or Google it, as I am not sure of the actual web 
> address.
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>  On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 8:56 PM, John V<vjohnv at cox.net> wrote:   Douglas, 
> pre-made lifting slings may be way too expensive and too strong for
> your needs. The suggestion of looking at a Yacht supply store is a good 
> one
> but to have more options and a better price visit a "commercial" fishing
> store (not sport fishing). At most commercial fishing supplies you will 
> find
> a selection of heavy duty UV protected black rope at a reasonable price. 
> If
> the diameter is too small for the load expected you can always use several
> lengths (loops - twisted) of the cord for each guy.
> Abrazos and Feliz Navidad, John NA6L

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