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This topic is being over-analyzed, as usual.  It's not rocket science!  We're talking about an amateur radio project here, not building a space shuttle.  There are towers made of aluminum, with welded cross bracing, so I guess that means all aluminum towers are structurally flawed?  Not a chance.

My mountain bike has carbon fiber tubes and an aluminum rear triangle, bottom bracket, and headset.  The aluminum and carbon are joined with epoxy.  It produces great results, as if all components are one piece and the entire bike is very stiff.  MANY aluminum bikes are also TIG welded; just go into a bike store and take a look.  

Aluminum is welded in thousands of structural products.  As long as things are designed with the right materials and design, loss of temper is the last thing I would be concerned with.  


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What's the name of this super duper glue in the US.

John, K2SFS

##  Dunno. I should phone them up and ask.   I googled it and found
varying info on the subject.   If its not too expensive, I should get some,
just to experiment with. 

Jim  VE7RF


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