[TowerTalk] 6061-T6 20 ft Drawn Aluminum Piping for 40m Yagi

luciano_nachif@yahoo.com luciano_nachif at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 9 09:03:44 EST 2015

Dear colleagues,

After receiving answers to my previous emails regarding a 40m antenna recommendation, I decided to build my own using the information provided on the 22nd ARRL Antenna Book. 

The antenna has a 32ft boom and uses 6061-T6 aluminum piping. 

Shall I use drawn piping instead of extruded ones?

Where can I buy 2-1/4" and 2" with 0.083" wallthickness and 20 feet long 6061-T6 drawn aluminum piping?

I will also need 1", 7//8" and 3/4" by 0.058" wallthickness and 20ft long 6061-T6 drawn aluminum piping.

Could anyone lead me to a good store within the US that I can import such tubes and associated plates for build such antenna, please?

Has anyone on this list ever built that antenna?


Luciano Gasparini PT9KK

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