[TowerTalk] Need balun advice

Don W7WLL w7wll at arrl.net
Mon Nov 9 21:58:34 EST 2015

Dummy load up on the tower at the end of the coax and run full legal limit. 
I discovered a coax length that was also intermittent.


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I have just put up an A3WS with 30 meter add on kit.  I used an old wireman 
current balun that I believe is not working.
I need some advice on what balun to replace it with.
I want to order one ad soon as possible to put up in the even it ever STOPS 
raining in Atlanta!
I have fought this antenna for 2 weeks climbing the tower in the rain, in 
the dark, and in the dark rain.  I am to my wits end.  If I replace the 
balun, and it still does not work, I plan on posting a video of me towing 
this antenna off the top on my tower.
Last week I had the antenna back on the ground and disassembled every trap 
on it, and found nothing out of the ordinary.  When I put it back up in the 
tower before cranking it back up, it sat at 24 feet and functioned 
flawlessly.  However, after turning my back for 5 minutes, the SWR is all 
jacked out of whack again.
Somebody recommend anything, and I'll buy at this point...
Thanks and (I would) see you in the pile ups (if this damn thing would 

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