[TowerTalk] Any 17/12-Meter Vertical Antenna available?

larryjspammenot@teleport.com larryj at teleport.com
Thu Nov 19 10:55:12 EST 2015

Does anyone know of a dual-band antenna that covers the 17 and 12-Meter bands? I know there are many multi-band antenna versions available - the Hy-Gain 12AVQ, the Hustler BTV series, and others. I have a Butternut HF-6V that I've added the 17 and 12-Meter kits to, but they just don't tune properly - this is a well-documented problem with this antenna. 

I'd be interested to know of a 17/12-Meter ONLY antenna that might be available. I also know of the Cushcraft WARC-bands 30/17/12M rotatable dipole, but I do already have good 30-Meter performance with the Butternut vertical. Maybe someone has modified a 12AVQ or a similar multiband vertical antenna into something that covers just 17 and 12-Meters? I'd like to have a separate vertical antenna for just those two bands.


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