[TowerTalk] How to "lock down" wire rope clamps/clips?

kr2q at optimum.net kr2q at optimum.net
Fri Nov 27 10:58:08 EST 2015

Over the years, it seems that most antenna manufacturers have moved to using some form
of Nylock nuts (the nuts with the nylon insert for "high vibration" applications).

I have seen this on my Cushcraft XM series monobanders, on my Optibeams, and most recently
on my SteppIR (DB36).

With respect to the latter, the cable clips just use a single nut to compress down on the wire 
cable. There is no locking nut, no lock washer, no Nylock, etc.

Why is this?  I have heard from others that this can be, and has been, a point of failure.

What method would you suggest to ensure that these wire rope clamps do not loosen up over time?  Just electrical tape?


de Doug KR2Q

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