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Gedas, you can buy corrugated vacuum hoses of various lengths and up to 2"  
diameter from Home Depot.
Gerald K5GW
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Hi Wayne  and thanks for the reply. One complication is that I have already 
cut the  lines to length and have connectors on both ends. I would have to 
cut them off  one end in order to slip them through a hose. And the hose, I 
guess, would  have to be pretty large to fit 4 runs of RG-8. I guess cutting 
off the  connectors is a small price to pay if this works and keeps the 
loop in a nice  elliptical shape as the mast rotates. I wonder what kind of 
hose might work  well here? Also, how long should that loop be? And, how far 
above the tower  top should the loop be fastened to the mast? 

Gedas, W8BYA  

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Hi Mike 

The boxes your talking about are the "OLD  DXEngineering " 

I had three of the stack boxes and one 4 sq box for 80  meters. 

There gone ( lightning HIT ) But I do have a instruction  manual. 

DX Engineering inc. 

18 Spalding ave Brownsville  Oregon 

It's called 0 Phase Box 

The 1/4 wave phasing lines  at made from good quality RG-11 ( 75 ohm coax) 
( 246/ Freq. in MHZ X velocity  factor of line = line length ) 

Upper Yagi Port #1 

Lower  Yagi Port #2 

Phase line Port # 3 to # 5 Port #4 to # 6 ( 75 ohm  phase line ) 

Port #7 input 

Wayne W3EA  

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I have a very old DX Engineering Yagi Stacking  control box I am trying to 
find some info on. I think it's late 80's/early  90's vintage. 

I believe it was acquired from a W7 6m Dxer friend back  in the mid 90's. 
(but it was already somewhat old then). I don't know the  history of DX 
Engineering, but did it once reside on the west coast by  different folks>? 

The grey faced, black cabinet control box  has a rotary switch for settings 
UPPER/LOWER/STACK (with matching LED's)  and a simple on/off toggle. 

I am nearly certain it uses only 3 wires  for control, though the terminal 
strip has more than 3 connections.  

I used it on my 6m stack before I moved to my current location  in 2004, so 
don't recall what's needed at the tower end for  phasing/matching coax 

Ie: Is it 50Ohm? 75Ohm? 1/2wl?  1/4wl? Which connections? I have to redo 
the remote part as I took it out  of service due to a faulty relay or 
connections, best as I recall (Hey, I  don't throw much away, hi) 

IIRC I might have had another  remote switch to put them both out of phase, 
but don't know where that is.  I don't see anything in the box to be able 
do that, so I presume I did  it with an external remote switch added to 
to perform that function.  (as an aside, I seldom used BOP..wouldn't waste 
time if I ever stack 2m  6m yagis again, hi!) 

***Anyways, my intention is to now reuse  this to perhaps phase 2 verticals 
for a BS/EF or 2 other directions array.  

I was thinking 2 x 1/4WL verticals, spaced 1/2wl apart, with a  parasitic 
reflector between them, giving me (perhaps_ NE, SW and one other  dual 
direction pattern , depending on what I can do with a phasing line.  

Haven't decided on the band yet..maybe 10m or one of the WARC  bands. 


Mike VE9AA  

Mike, Coreen & Corey 

Keswick  Ridge, NB 


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