[TowerTalk] T2X Hung Up

Mike k4gmh at arrl.net
Mon Oct 3 20:19:03 EDT 2016


Got a T2X rotor hung up in the south position.  Can not get it free by
trying to get the rotor to move in the other direction or even trying to go
in the initial direction that got it stuck and then quickly going in the
reverse direction.

My rotor is near the top of a 130 ft tower.  The phase reversal capacitor
is located next to the rotor eliminating being able to bypass the rotation
safety switches.

I do have a backup T2X, but would be nice to free up the stuck rotor so
wouldn't have to climb.  Any suggestions on what can be done from the
ground to free up the rotor?

Also, any suggestions on how to keep the rotor sticking in the south
position from reoccurring?

  Mike, K4GMH

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