[TowerTalk] Looking for gear.

Nieuws nieuws at on6zg.be
Fri Oct 21 13:15:24 EDT 2016

Hi John. 

That was my idea as well. I have a friend with a machine shop. 
I looked at the Mc master website and almost found it...  Unfortunately they don't have the 24 pitch 18 tooth steel rod gear. 

Regards Jan. 

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Op 21 okt. 2016 19:08, bij 19:08, "john at kk9a.com" <john at kk9a.com> schreef:
>A few years ago I need a spur gear for a TIC Ring Rotator that was
>unobtainable from the manufacture. I could not find a matching one at
>gear supplier either so I purchased gear stock at McMaster-Carr. I have
>access to a machine shop and I was able to cut it to length, bore the
>hole, etc. In another instance when I needed a gear I found a very
>one and just had to bore and broach the hole to fit the shaft.  So look
>for something close and then bring it to a machine shop.
>John KK9A
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>Subject:	[TowerTalk] Looking for gear.
>From:	Nieuws <nieuws at on6zg.be>
>Date:	Fri, 21 Oct 2016 17:06:13 +0200
>I am looking for a spur gear / pinion to fix an or2300 rotator.
>It's a 18 tooth 24 DP Gear 1.5 inches in length.
>I can't seem to find a European source for a gear like this. Does
>have a
>supplier or know where to get it?
>Best regards
>Jan Engelen ON6ZG
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