[TowerTalk] Help with Info on old Kirk Antenna Components

Bill Parry bparry at rgv.rr.com
Mon Apr 3 23:57:16 EDT 2017

Yes. I had a 4 element Kirk quad back in the 70s.  It had blue fiber glass
spreaders. I don't remember if they had a 2 element version but they
probably did.  I also had a 2 element helically wound fiberglass yagi.
(Never could get it to work very well.)  The 4 element quad worked real well
while I had it up in San Antonio but when I moved I sold it to a friend in

Bill W5VX

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Greetings All,

   Yesterday, while digging through a SK's barn I found some antenna parts
that aside from the dust appear to be NOS.

   The boom to mast plate is stamped with Kirk Electronics, but the die cast
quad spreaders themselves are not.
   I don't think the spreaders are Cubex, at least not the design that they
have sold the past few decades.
   I know Kirk made some fiberglass based helical Yagi's, but did Kirk ever
make or sell a Quad antenna?  
   If yes might anyone have more info on it?  

Thanks in advance

73  Mike K9MK

k9mk at flash dot net


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