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Perhaps the booms are interacting with the antennas.  First, try rotating the antennas to see if that affects the swr.  If yes, it is a guy wire or something else external to the antennas.  If not, try turning the 6m in line with the others. If that doesn’t change anything, its probably a connector or a coax problem.  Are you using an antenna switch on the tower? If so, check swr at the switch.

Chuck W5PR

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Yes 90 degrees to. The other beams

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On Apr 9, 2017, at 10:41 AM, <w5prchuck at gmail.com> <w5prchuck at gmail.com> wrote:
By: “the 6M in the middle, phased at 90 degrees to the other beams” do you mean it is mounted pointing 90 degrees off from where the others are pointing? 
Chuck W5PR
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 I recently had some tower work done.  Ihave a Rohn 25 tower up 60 FT.  I have a C-3 and a 6-element Cushcraft 6Mon it.  Both antennas were doing fine – SWR essentially flat on the C-3and around 1.5:1 on the 6M.  They were both mounted on a 9 FT mast,separated by about 6 FT. The job was to replace the 9 FT mast witha 15 FT lighter mast and to install a new 12/17M WARC Cushcraft antenna.   The new setup had the 12/17M antenna atthe top of the mast; the 6M in the middle, phased at 90 degrees to the otherbeams - – separated by roughly 6 FT between it and the lower C-3 and the WARC. After the install, I am noticing a 2.0:1. 2.4:1 SWR on the C-3 on 20M only; 15M & 10M are OK.  On the 6M –3.0+ SWR. Do I have an interaction problem betweenthe 6M and C-3? Should the 6M be at the top of themast?  Offset to the others, or not? Jeff/ K1ZN
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