[TowerTalk] Long Tangent U Bolts

Don W7WLL w7wll at arrl.net
Mon Apr 10 17:13:19 EDT 2017

4 inch won't do it, no room for a saddle, plate and fasterners.  I was 
really, I guess, seeking a ham known reputable and reasonable cost source of 
custom U bolts and that was why I was wondering if U-Bolt-It was used by 
anyone. I know what standard lengths and sizes are available from the 
catalogs, but for the other needs . . . . . . . plus nothing goes outside 
here unless it is SS if I can help it.


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I guess it depends on what you call long.  McMaster-Carr has 2" U-Bolts
that are 4" long https://www.mcmaster.com/#29605t45/=175136e

John KK9A

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Long Tangent U Bolts
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Has anyone used U-Bolt-It in Houston to fabricate longer U bolts than
in standard sizes? If so were they able to deal with small quantities at a
reasonable price (like 2 to 4 pieces)?



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