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k4za at juno.com k4za at juno.com
Wed Apr 19 05:51:48 EDT 2017

Guys, all this analysis is good, but the simple fact remains that w/25G &
the Rohn AS25G, there are only
two places where the rotator can actually be mounted! Either at the top
"opening" or at the lower section
joint. I have always operated w/the rule of thumb that 1/3 of your mast
length should be inside the tower.
No failures in 50 years, leastwise mast-related, so that seems to be

There's a lot of science involved here, there's a lot of common sense
required, & there's certainly no
substitute for practical or professional experience. Based on what I've
seen over the years, 25G is the 
closest thing we have to a "universal tower," & the design is quite
forgiving when it comes to many ham
radio installations....have the tee shirts...

73 Don K4ZA
Tower Works
Charlotte NC

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