[TowerTalk] Positioning Hardware

Ed Karl edk0kl at centurytel.net
Wed Apr 26 22:42:54 EDT 2017

The equipment shown will work fine, I use it with the adapter to the 
safety cable.
Having said that, I use a rope lanyard with hooks for the D rings on the 

If the lanyard is too long I simply wrap around tower pieces/ parts to 
take up the slack.
The lanyard should be tight when you are working, purpose is to free 
both hands.
NOT for fall arresting, the lanyard is a work tool.

Your going in the right direction ...

  Now before climbing, belt up, go up about 6 feet (between shoes and 
Tie off with the lanyard get comfortable, throw booth arms behind you 
and hang
there for a while. This will get you comfortable with the equipment. Are 
your legs
comfortable, your back OK?, can you tighten bolts using both hands. 
Don't rush,
be careful.

Above all, be careful ...

Good Luck!

ed K0KL

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