[TowerTalk] tower base rod weatherproofing

K7LXC at aol.com K7LXC at aol.com
Fri Apr 28 12:23:55 EDT 2017

>  I have some non-galvanized bolts/rods embedded into a  concrete base for 
a short tower mounting plate.
>  What would you recommend to coat them in to keep  corrosion/rust demons 
    You've got 2 things to consider: the bolts in the  concrete and the 
part of the bolts above the concrete pad. Frank, W3LPL,  recommends using 
roofing tar on the bottom part. Some sort of coating on the  above pad part would 
suffice; e.g. cold galvanizing paint or any kind of  paint. You might have 
to refresh it every couple of years but rust won't stand  much of a chance. 
There are other compounds (the aforementioned Never  Seize, WD-40, etc.) but 
they are pretty thin and would wash off in short order.  You could use some 
grease - it'd be fairly tenacious - but then you should  double-nut the 
bolts since the grease will decrease the friction holding the  bolts. 
Steve     K7LXC

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