[TowerTalk] Broadcast Interference on 20m?

Richard Thorne rthorne at rthorne.net
Thu Dec 7 14:01:33 EST 2017

Lately, during the day, I'm getting full band interference on 20m. It 
almost sounds like line noise.

I'm in the middle of a remodel of my shop/shack and my 4O3A high power 
band pass filters have been off line.  As an experiment, I put the 20m 
band pass filer back on line.

It made a dramatic difference.  The noise floor on my Flex 6700 went 
from -105dbm to -130dbm and the band was dead quiet other than the cw 

The noise sounds like static.  I had a line noise issue resolved last 
year, but this doesn't sound anything like it.  Sometimes the noise 
sounds like it has some modulation, almost like a broadcast station.

If I widen up the pan adapter on my Flex there is a strong AM station on 
13.820, the noise seems to move up and down with the strength of the 
signal on 13.820.  They are speaking in spanish.

Keeping the band pass filer on line is the obvious answer.  I wonder if 
I need to determine who the station is on 13.820 and lodge a complaint 
with the FCC.

Rich - N5ZC

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