[TowerTalk] Seeking info on Using Drones to put wires in trees

Mickey Baker fishflorida at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 19:21:40 EST 2017

This is the problem with light drones and light lines - wind.

Once a gust lofts the line into a prop, flight ceases.

Actually a heavier drone and a heavier line works best, but you must have a
mechanism to take up tight line and control rates of descent carefully
rather than having it loft into the props. My best efforts at this have
been with twine with a 1 oz fishing weight guided through a wire tie loop
at the end of a 2' bamboo stick. It takes two crew - line hander and pilot.

Having tried this, I prefer the pneumatic tennis ball launcher method to
place lines in trees.


Mickey N4MB

On Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 2:51 PM, Henry Pollock - K4TMC <kilo4tmc at gmail.com>

> For those of you who have used drones to get wires in or over trees, I am
> wondering if the cheaper units (less than $100) are adequate to lift a 10 -
> 15 lb test fishing line over a tree.  Since these unit have flight times of
> 10 minutes or less, I could envision the weight of the dead drone being the
> drop weight to get the line end back to ground.
> Or, am I just dreaming...and should throw out all of those cost-saving
> holiday flyers from the box stores; and be thinking about a more expensive
> unit?
> 73,
> Henry - K4TMC
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