[TowerTalk] Help with Shutfeed model

Kelly Jones kjones at virtualcohesion.com
Fri Dec 29 19:23:01 EST 2017

Hi all,

I'm considering shut feeding one of my newly installed towers for 80/160.  I had good luck with this when I lived in Colorado and would like to try this again in AZ.

The tower is 70' of Rohn 45 with an XM-240 (reflector grounded) on the top.  In my previous installation, I used 1/2" copper tubing spaced 12" off the face of the tower with the tap around 40'.  The match was a simple Omega match using just capacitance in the matching network.

My question - would someone much smarter than me be willing to model my tower and provide direction on the matching network?

Kelly - N0VD

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