[TowerTalk] Advice on Old TV Antenna Tower

Cox, Norman R. nrc at mst.edu
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  Jim is exactly right -- describes the tower I have perfectly.


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< Thanks to all of you for your advice.  I get the message.

     The tower measures 28 inch sides at the base.  The cross members are riveted.  The sections are bolted.  The tower is galvanized, but shows some rust on the top section.  It is free-standing without any guys or house bracket.

     We are putting together a list of possible alternatives that don't involve climbing to the top.  Maybe an idea will come up that will allow use of the tower.

Thanks again,


##  It appears his tower is a 55 ft  Delhi.  They came in 8 ft sections..with aprx a 4 inch overlap.  Bottom section was aprx  29 inch C to C on the bolts.  Aprx 16-18 inch wide at the top.    Cross pieces are Xs...and all riveted.   Thats normal for it to start the wobble at the 45 ft level.    Even the bigger Trylon  free standing towers will do this...and esp if you weigh 200 lbs.   The legs are sorta quasi U shaped...with 2 bolts per leg, one above each other on the upper sections...and  3 per leg on the lower sections.
Seen from the ground by a 2nd person, 2nd person wont see it budge.   But the fellow on the tower will swear its moving a bunch.     They all do that... unless guyed.   A buddy of mine who had guyed  rohn-25 at the time, freaked out when he climbed
mine back in the mid 70s....  swore it needed guys...they dont at the 55 level.    Some sections will develop surface rust..and most dont.

Jim  VE7RF


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