[TowerTalk] Cycle24 u bolts

Marko Myllymaki marko.l.myllymaki at gmail.com
Sun Jul 2 02:09:50 EDT 2017

Cycle 24 ubolts are excellent. Using lot of 2 in and larger sizes here on 2 towers and boom to mast plates which i have redone for most antennas like 40m2l and 40m3l from m2, c31xr, 2 el steppir, just today used 8 pcs of 2 inch ones on fixed sidemount bracket for second 20 m yagi (k6am owa design from 204ba).  Lot to like, flat u bolt back, serration on it, 3/8 size, flange on nut, good galvanizing.  You can get these ubolts very tight, they dont loose and corrode at least not in my socal weather.  Price is right.  Best i have found.
73 de marko n5zo

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