[TowerTalk] Galling and seizing of SS nuts to SS threaded studs and bolts.

Keith Dutson kdutson at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 2 10:40:40 EDT 2017

My experience with stainless steel hardware for antenna installations is that small threaded bolts/nuts (6, 8 and 10 size) are most susceptible to galling.  Once this happens, the bolt must be cut to remove the hardware.

I have received advice to use anti-seize on the threads.  However, I now use zinc plated hardware that has been painted with Rustoleum.  Over several years, some rust appears, but the nuts come off with a spray of lubrication such as WD-40 or GM Heat Valve Lubricant (the best I have found to deal with rust, still available at my local Chevrolet dealer).

73, Keith NM5G 

Recently my club received a donation of used equipment, including a Comet GP-1 antenna.  One of the U-bolts could not be removed because of slight thread damage.  A die was used to clean the threads, and the nut then come off smoothly.

I use stainless and galvanized marine rated hardware for guy wires.  None of these has caused problems or accumulated corrosion.

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I have often read where there is a problem of the threads of SS assemblies becoming seized or locked together after a time in the weather and becoming difficult and or useless when disassembly and reassembly is required.It is my opinion that one can use bronze nuts with the stainless threaded component with no such galling occurring. It is something I have done for years with no trouble.Opinions welcome.JIM, W4QBQ _______________________________________________

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