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I have heard professional ham tower guys complain also about them. I have
used them in locations with much more UV than MI and have not noticed any
issues however none of mine point up. I do not purposely buy Nylok nuts
because they are harder to assemble however if they are included with a
purchased item, such as DX Engineering element brackets, I use them.

John KK9A

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That is weird. Checked a can of old Nyloks that had been outside for years.
The nylon insert looked fine. Been using Nyloks for years without that issue
up to 5/8". Except for the tower (Rohn galvanized) itself and the rotator to
mast clamps (plated #8 hardened bolts so I can really crank down on them),
all hardware including u-bolts are SS using Nyloks with anti-seize. No lock
washers. I just use flat washers. Never had a nut loosen after 24 years. I
do not reuse Nyloks, just in case.
N2TK, Tony

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Nylok nuts do not last around here. I thought it was UV, but many have told
me that Nylon is impervious, or resistant to UV.  I had based my thoughts
that the nuts oriented so the nylon was up were the first to go.  The nylon
virtually disappeared out of them, so I finally gave up on them.


Roger (K8RI)

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