[TowerTalk] Wire Antennas Only For Field Day

Tom Frenaye frenaye at pcnet.com
Thu Jul 6 08:28:36 EDT 2017

At 03:51 AM 7/6/2017, Roger (K8RI) on TT wrote:
>Has anyone noticed an increase or decrease in FD activities in your area.

Overall the number of Field Day entries has been slowly increasing over the last 15 years, from around 2100 in 2002 to 2700 in 2016.

What has changed is that the number of home stations(D) and home stations using emergency power(E) has gone from 17% to 32% of all entries.   
The relatively new EOC(F) category is at about 7%.   The traditional group in the field category(A) has gone from 65% to 45%.

I visited about a dozen FD sites this year.  There was no shortage of enthusiasm and interesting antennas.  Seems like more groups than ever
are finding ways to put wire antennas high up in the trees.    

A few groups lamented the absence of CW operators though.  EOC stations all seemed to be dealing with RFI problems from within the building or nearby.

    -- Tom    

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