[TowerTalk] How do I replace the main cable on a motorized telescoping tower?

Scotty scotty at ashiko.com
Fri Jul 7 10:53:30 EDT 2017

Needs some advice on the procedure to replace the main cable on a telescoping 3-section tower that is motorized with positive pull-down.  It is a US Tower TX455MDP and was bought 24 years ago from US Tower, back in 1993. Many strands are broken and there is no doubt this main cable must be replaced.  I investigated the other cable and it is fine and will not be replaced.  I have removed the old main cable.  I have a 100 foot long replacement cable.  3/16 inch 7 x 19 GAC with the loop and thimble with compression sleeve installed on one end.

Advise is requested or a step by step procedure to install the new main cable would be great.

Scotty W7SW

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