[TowerTalk] 160M inv L too close to yagi ?

Fernando González, EC1CT ec1ct at esbesaya.com
Sun Jul 16 04:18:10 EDT 2017

I am planning on putting up a 160M inv L.  The horizontal leg will attach to 
asupport off the side of the tower about 80 feet high.   I have a 40 meter 2 
el yagi
on the tower mast which will be about 6 feet above the inv L leg going out 
from the tower.The inv inverted L horizontal leg will slope down approx 20 
Do you think I will have problems with interaction between the 40M yagi
and the inv L  with this arrangement ?
Maybe if I rotated the 40M yagi so it is at right angles to the inv L wire 
when Ioperate on 160 would help prevent any intereaction ?


I did have interaction between my inverted L and my 40 yagi which is 5 ft 
over it. It was specially noticeable when the elements of the yagi were 
parallel to the horizontal portion of the L. I partially solved
the situation by lowering the L and now is sitting 10 ft below the yagi. 
Slightly performance on TB but no more interaction problems. 73s
Fernando EC1CT - KD0IGJ
ec1ct at esbesaya.com

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