[TowerTalk] 80 M 4 SQUARE MODELING

Rudy Bakalov r_bakalov at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 22 09:10:24 EDT 2017

I am in the exact same situation- 95' tower that I plan on using to suspend wire elements from the top of the tower.

I assume THERE WILL BE interaction between the 4SQ and the tower. What I have been wondering is how mechanically reliable this setup is compared to elements made of aluminum tubing. Any thoughts on this?

In addition, I have been wondering if the wire will stretch over time thereby changing the resonant frequency of the elements. Perhaps CAT5 might be a better option for the elements as it is less likely to stretch?

Rudy N2WQ

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> On Jul 22, 2017, at 8:43 AM, StellarCAT <rxdesign at ssvecnet.com> wrote:
> Now that I have finished my tower for 40-10 meters I need to start my next project.  I'm limited to the one 90 foot tower I have by county code.  I am planning on running 4 ropes from the last guy point (84ft) to install a wire 4 square for 80 meters.  Wires would be suspended vertically from the ropes in a typical 4 square pattern using Comtek switching.

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